Technology Transactions & Venture Capital/Emerging Companies

Jung & Associates can be an ideal partner to any law firms in Korea seeking a serious and responsible strategic legal alliance. If you are seeking partnership because your client is seeking business opportunities and a legal advice in the US, we are here for you. Our firm can help you save a lot of time, resources, and cost usually associated with international transactions and corresponding complex legal and business issues and decisions. Resorting to a large law or even a mid-sized firm may be an option but this may often entail unnecessarily high legal fees, inefficient and inflexible resolution options with no end in sight. The reputation and reliability may provide you with some sense of security and comfort but there is a huge price to be paid, sometimes unnecessary and overly excessive.

Jung & Associates is a boutique-size law firm that is capable of providing services and consultation that are typically considered to be a function of large law firms. We can provide these services independently or in alliance with other firms, where warranted, because we have established a unique network of lawyers, professionals and partners in both private and public sectors in the US as well as Korea. As for large complex litigations involving more manpower, we have typically worked in the past in conjunction with other large law firms, which proved to be an effective way to maximize our resources while minimizing cost and time. Because we value transparency as one of the key component of firm's vision, we take our responsibilities seriously and help you prioritize legal issues and options for your client while trying to minimize the expected legal cost for our client. Please contact us for a potential legal partnership across the Pacific Ocean.

Some of the international cases Jung & Associates has handled in the past are as follows:

  • International technology, distribution, publishing, licensing, franchise, art consignment, maritime agreements.
  • Represented and litigated against major Korean conglomerates.
  • Represented major broadcasting and news media companies in litigation and contract negotiation matters.
  • Represented a major Korean construction company with a global focus in M & A negotiations.
  • Represented Korea Stock Exchange and KOSDAQ-listed in international contracts and litigation matters related to merger and acquisition, cross-border/financial transactions and investment agreements, medical devices including FDA regulations and compliance, publishing contract disputes, etc.
  • Helped a major Korean architectural and engineering firm launch a US operation in New York.
  • International arbitration matters.
  • Fraud cases regarding international trade, FRAUDNET.
  • International energy project: Contract Review and Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Represented a client for an acquisition of real estate property from a Korea-based conglomerate.
  • Represented US companies in a contract negotiations with major Korean companies.
  • Represented a Korean technology company in connection with a project for installation of LED screens at a major US-based Airport in Midwest.
  • Advised corporate governance and compliance matters.
  • Commercial lease restructuring/negotiation/termination/dispute/release.
  • Advised many Korean government entities.

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