Business Law

Taking advantage of our intimate size, we provide flexible, cost effective, and delicately customized legal services in virtually every aspect of business law and international litigation: business formation; business investment and venture capital sourcing; cross-border transactions; International Agreements; and regulation and compliance concerns, to name a few. For larger and more established companies, we provide a comprehensive litigation support as well as the role of an "in-house counsel" overseas. We can carry out your international tasks on your behalf in any place in the world. If you are a major conglomerate, we can be added to your preexisting legal affairs with big firms to perform an oversight and co-counsel function and special missions where necessary such as working with private investigators and taking trips on a short notice.

Another common issue experienced by individuals and corporations from Korea is confusion and misunderstanding caused by subtle nuances of cultural differences with their US counterparts. Whether you are facing complex US regulatory or compliance issues requiring utmost confidentiality or negotiating with a deal with a US business counterpart, we will help you bridge this gap in both cultural, business and legal senses. Jung & Associates boasts, among other accomplishments, its extensive work involving varying degrees of professional representation of clients in matters related to investigative government agencies of US, both federal and state.

The combined knowledge and experience of Jung & Associates allows it to understand the hidden and sometimes political implications and ramifications involved in international transactions involving business and law. We are honored and gratified to be a gateway and an initial contact point for your business opportunities in the US.