Korea Practice

1. Strategic Alliance
2. Technology Sourcing/Import/Export/Transfer
3. Licensing and Distribution Agreements
4. Subsidiary Launching Service and Acquisition
5. Equity Investment
6. Business Compliance Issues with Government
7. Litigation of Disputes

Jung & Associates, PC is driven by a vision to provide the highest quality of legal representations while maintaining the integrity of the law profession by placing the clients' interests ahead of any other considerations. We also understand that speed and efficiency matters in increasingly competitive business environment.

The growing interdependency of all countries in all sectors of industry and constantly changing dynamics of the global business climate necessitates businesses to formulate not only a comprehensive legal analysis of any global business venture or opportunity but also elastic, concise, and well-defined legal response and strategies to carry out specific objectives in a global market place.

Whether it is a smaller company with limited exposure to global battle stages or a conglomerate with an impressive resume on global battle fronts, we understand that selecting and entrusting a foreign lawyer or a law firm to handle a specific legal or business undertaking can be a daunting task for anyone facing important decision making, complex legal matters or litigations.

We believe that every opportunity should be explored and every challenge met with fortitude and conviction. We value our contribution to this process as an added responsibility and reward. Such philosophy is reflected in our history of advising and assisting many small tech startups and large companies in their collective effort to transcend the physical confines of Korea and to take bold steps to globalize their business plans and realities. Based on our partner, Mr. Jung's past representation of listed companies on the Korean Stock Exchange as well as KOSDAQ, he understands the intricate nature of international businesses and complex legal issues that may arise in any given situation. We are not traditional legalists. We are bold, passionate and responsible. Our practices supplement and cure the deficiencies and shortcomings of those associated with large law firms. Jung & Associates, using its extensive network of experts and experiences, has made pivotal differences in the outcomes of many cases it has handled and is prepared to guide you through the incubation, growth, and expansion process of your business in its global market place.