Government Investigation

Jung & Associates has successfully represented and often extracted individuals corporations facing complex government investigations and regulatory matters. When you, either as an individual or as a business entity, are being subjected to investigation by federal or state government, we will work aggressively both behind and on the scenes to resolve criminal suspicions and allegations.

We listen to the needs and concerns of our clients, and try to find most reasonable and appropriate solution in response to highly stressful and imposing government investigation situation. Our collective experiences in the past have shown that sometimes a government investigation could be arbitrary, capricious or fundamentally unfair. An attorney handling a government investigation needs to be equipped with a sense of strong personal conviction and philosophical foundation on the core principles upon which America was built - justice, equality, and fairness. We tried to address and attack government's unjustifiable wielding of power.

Since we understand how prejudicial assumptions and wrongful accusation by the government can negatively affect our clients and communities, we take special precaution to protect our clients with a rigorous, individualized, and custom-tailored representation. We tackle every issue and challenge unfair government actions with a comprehensive, strategic approach. Implementing such an approach, Jung & Associates has produced highly successful results for many of our clients to date.

We take a great pride in defending our clients under extremely adverse conditions. Our past dealings with federal and state government includes but not limited to, investigations by FBI, IRS CID, New York State Attorney General, New York State Inspector General, and various District Attorney's Offices.