Criminal Defense Law

Our attorneys at Jung & Associates understand that being accused of a crime can cause a combination of stress, fear, and frustration. While an arrest is not a conviction, whatever crime you are charged with needs to be handled promptly, appropriately, and with competence. Jung & Associates has experience in a wide range of criminal cases with a high level of success. Our success can be attributed to the following order in which we proceed with our criminal cases:

First, we conduct a full, extensive and detail-oriented fact-finding intake interview with our client at an early stage. This is to attain a comprehensive picture of the case. By encouraging our client to recall and recount every relevant facts of the case, we assess and outline the strengths and weaknesses of the case and carefully craft strategies thereafter. With such strategies in mind, we then analyze and communicate our version of facts with a prosecutor and a court in charge, from which a successful plea negotiation may result. Where such option yields no benefit for our clients, we try the case.

Our attorneys focus on the best interests of our clients so that they can get the results they deserve. No matter how minor they seem, criminal charges, whether felony, misdemeanor, or violations, must be taken seriously, particularly if the client has a problem with his or her immigration status. We are keen on understanding our clients' unique circumstances such as personal and cultural background, which influence their desired outcome. Because every case and client receives individualized, hands-on attention from our partner, Henry Jung, we have been successful in producing satisfactory results for our clients. We are a dedicated team of attorneys ready to take you step by step through the NY criminal procedure and help you build a solid defense. We represent clients on criminal charges in city, state, and federal court in the following matters:

  • Federal and state criminal matters
  • Murder, assault and battery, possession or sale of controlled substances, DWI
  • Robbery, grand larceny, theft, kidnapping, money laundering
  • Juvenile or youthful offender cases
  • Sex offenses: rape, sexual misconduct, abuse
  • IRS Criminal Investigation//US customs and border patrol investigation
  • Record Tracing/retrieving/certificate of disposition/vacatur of arrest warrant (Korea)

Regardless of the crime with which you are charged and whether you choose to enter a plea negotiations or proceed to a trial, we will protect your rights and interests and vigorously defend you every step of the way.

If you are charged with a crime, you have the right to have your attorney present at every proceeding. You DO NOT have to answer questions from the police or the prosecutor without your lawyer present.